Screwing the customer

I’m really pissed off.
I bought my Iron Man 2 disc special edition which comes in DVD so I know I wont be having issues due to Iron Man 2 disc special editionHDCP and DRM or at least that is what I naively believed .

I can’t watch it with with winDVD nor Nero Showtime, it lets me use Windows Media player but the aspect ratio and Pan&Scan options are subpar and even though I can use Media Player classic I don’t have to jump trough those loopholes.

Why Should I?

I bought a Movie and all I want is the ability to watch it whenever I so feel inclined and being able to return to the exact position where I left it.
But no, those jerks at Paramount made it hard for my current software to do so.

So I have no option but to use dvddecrypter and then ratdvd, nerorecode or handbrake if i want to be able to watch in on my iPod.

Didn’t I attend the screening even two days before the opening in the US, didn’t I watch the movie several times at the cinema and wrote a well deserved review on another blog?
Then Why the fuck are these guys ruining my experience?

And by the way
8 SKUs?!
Stop messing with the customer

ironman ratdvd

Iron MAn Rat DVD
Iron man Handbrake


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