Why PC gaming still is a great option

A simple one, we get some of the best offers, specially in digital distribution

Starting Today we get a presale for Bioshock 2 (available 02/09/10) with a 10% discount and we get the original Bioshock (Best game of 2007) for Free and we can give it away or, since this game is heavy on the multiplayer side you can buy a 4 pack

bioshock 2 on steam

And the newest of the many iterations of AVP will be available on February 19th
When you buy that game they are giving away Universe at War:Earth Assault, another game from the Publisher known as Sega that would retail for 19.99 in its own, a sweet deal if that game or genre tickles your fancy.

avp on steam
And no, I don’t get a single dime from steam, they actually get on my nerves very often, specially since they don’t curb the zone restriction when they are selling digital copies but I like to promote good deals for all of us gamers.


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