Xoom ad

You know what?
Actually the xoom ad that Motorola aired during superbowl is actually not that anti apple.
Well, ok, it is, but it never says the name or show the fruit, and if you use the white buds that come with the iPod, well, you might be a robot, those thing sound like shit.

Motorola struggles mightily and rarely comes out with great hardware, the droid was the last time we regarded Motorola’s design with something tantamount to respect, so I believe we can understand why they want to pick a fight with apple, but what I don’t get is how the hell they think they can get something out of calling the apple loyalist soulless drones , I already spoke about about this, people with ideals when buying hardware are few and actually not so prone to expend money on day one and only because this is the “anti iPad”. so I think this ad is cool only because it reminds us of how far is apple from the company they believed they were back in 1984 when Ridley Scott directed that legendary promo (that was never aired again for copyright infrigement of Orwell’s work)


The xoom is going to cost $800 (USD) so they have an uphill battle and that is only against the original iPad, if apple remains loyal to it’s tradition we”l have a new ipad at the same price point in a few weeks.

Are the fandroids coming to Motorola’s rescue? I don’t think so, most Android noisy fans do not own top of the line terminals.


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