Superior Spider-Man #27 Review


Superior Spider-Man #27 - Page 1 Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Colorist: Antonio Fabela


The Superior Spider-man is faced with a city overrun by goblins that he foolishly let get out of control. Meanwhile, inside the mind of Octavius, Peter lives on by the few memories left and tries to devise a new plan to regain his life.

The Ups: This issue shows a new side of Otto that both the writer, Dan Slott, and maybe even Octavius himself rarely ever show, his vulnerable side. Throughout the entire series Spider-man is portrayed as being high and mighty and always ten steps of ahead of his opponents and it is both refreshing and humanizes him that he is outsmarted by someone else that he never would have expected. The subtle nuances in the art that help to enhance the scenes and intensify the feeling the artist Giuseppe Camuncoli wishes to convey the…

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