Horrendo freemium y pay to win…el triste estado de una industria

Lo dicho, estos modelos freemium no han ayudado más que a algunos cuantos, muy pocos, y si han arruinado una industria, aquí ni siquiera se cumple  el principio de Pareto

The vast majority of players do not make any purchases, in fact only 1.5% of players active in the month surveyed made an in-app purchase in that month.

50% of revenue is derived from the top 10% of those players who do make purchases. Expressed as a percentage of total players, this group represents a 0.15% of the total players in any given month.

The average time to first purchase is just under 24 hours. And of those players who go on to make a second purchase, the average time lapse between first and second purchase is a mere 1 hour 40 minutes

The average value of an in-app purchase is $5.94. While purchases between $1 and $5 represent a majority (67%), they contribute only 27% of total revenues. Purchases of over $50 contribute 9% of all revenues

“What’s interesting is that while many consider that the freemium model to be successful, there is still surprisingly little data relating to exactly how consumers interact with freemium games,” said Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Swrve. “With access of ten’s of millions of players, we have aggregated data from across our system to finally lift the lid on what goes on after install – and where the money is made.”

Consistent with other industries, this report shows that in mobile games, a small number of customers deliver a significant percentage of revenue. Data from this report, also indicates that companies should ask themselves if they understand who the specific customers are that are contributing to the highest percentage of revenue and if they have amended their acquisition strategy accordingly to retain users.

The January 2014 Monetization Report

Lifting the lid on player spending patterns in mobile games


2 comentarios en “Horrendo freemium y pay to win…el triste estado de una industria

  1. Coincido contigo. El freemium me parece algunas veces una práctica vil y que solo hecha a perder el entorno de un juego. Incluso en juegos como WoW, no existe este concepto, ni el de pay2win. Yo como usuario, prefiero pagar por un entorno gratificante en un juego, que pagar por la experiencia de juego.

    Me gusta

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