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Comics Ate My Brain

Jim Roeg’s blog has led me to Plok’s A Trout In The Milk. If you like Jim, you’ll like Plok. Of special note are his seven-part musings on Fantastic Four and the creation of Marvel continuity (handily accessed from his front page). One of those essays, “Crisis on Infinite Roys,” contains this digression:

[A poster on the John Byrne forum] wonders how Batman’s origin can possibly make sense as it stands in the fully-unified and rationalized DCU, and he’s got a point. If such a rationalized universe had existed at that time, then Bruce Wayne might very well already have known of Superman’s existence, and so his decision to put on a cape and tights could not have been…um, unforced, shall we say? In fact as this guy over at JBF pointed out, if you had the example of Superman before you, you would probably not decide to dress…

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