An NBA Finals trouncing unlike any other


Few are shocked the Spurs beat the Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals.

But not many expected this.

Blowout after blowout after blowout, the Spurs cruised to a 4-1 series win. Despite dropping Game 2 by two points, San Antonio won by 15, 19, 21 and 17 points.

By outscoring Miami by 70 points in the series, the Spurs set a record for point advantage in an NBA Finals. That +70 supplants five Celtics teams from the top of the leaderboard.

Here’s every NBA champion with their net points (click to enlarge): image

Finals Net points
2014: SAS d. MIA, 4-1 70
1965: BOS d. LAL, 4-1 63
1961: BOS d. STL, 4-1 62
1981: BOS d. HOU, 4-2 59
1960: BOS d. STL, 4-3 55
2008: BOS d. LAL, 4-2 50
1991: CHI d. LAL, 4-1 49
1971: MIL d. BAL, 4-0 49
2009: LAL d. ORL, 4-1 47

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