“Doom is not about taking cover” idTech 6


The lights dropped in the main ballroom at Quakecon, leaving a lone spotlight on center stage, and cheering erupted. Moments earlier, Tim Willits bid farewell to the 50,000+ livestream viewers so that the eager attendees could get their first, exclusive look at id Software’s re-imagining of the classic first person shooter – Doom. Marty Stratton, the executive producer at id, bounded on stage and described the studio’s vision for Doom’s long-overdue return, slated for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.
This new chapter in the series is a reboot of sorts that gets back to the classic roots of fast-paced action. “Doom is not about taking cover,” Stratton said. “It’s not about finding a place to hide to let your health regenerate. It’s about fast, fluid combat, dodging projectiles, finding that next target and charging forward with nothing in your way of slaughtering that next demon.”

Since its announcement back in 2007, the game faced major delays, got scrapped, started over, and at last, came out strong. At QuakeCon 2014, Id Software played a 20-minute long gameplay demo (running on PC), detailing various aspects of the game.

Unlike other shooters, Doom is taking on an approach which is more old school. There will be no reloading, no limit to weapons carried, and no health regeneration. Fallen enemies will drop health and ammo kits which can be picked up by the players.


A Lengthy Look At id Software’s New Doom

“We’re creating Doom to make you feel like a fast, improvisational, brutal killing machine.”



Quakecon DOOM Reveal To Be Exclusive To Attendees

Doom’s Gameplay Unleashed – Uses idTech 6, Fast-Paced Combat, and More
Doom first impressions, from Quakecon 2014: it’s gory

1. It’s Doom. Not Doom 4, Doom: Explosion Edition. Doom is an origin story, built to feel like, and play like the original games.

2. It features many of the same monsters from the original game. That includes the zombies and footsoldiers you might remember, alongside imps, revenants and cyberdemons.

3. It runs on a new version of the id tech, id tech 6. Internally, id call it id tech 666.

4. It’s set on Mars: it begins outside a UAC research facility that has been making unholy fusions of flesh and metal.

5. It’s fast paced. The combat id showed played remarkably similarly to the combat from the original games. There’s no cover mechanic or regenerating health. The game is about dodging projectiles and then getting in close to deliver a kill.

6. There’s a new melee combat system that allows id to showcase some insane levels of gore. When up close, players can rip open a demon’s heart, or tear off their jaw, or curb stomp their face into little bits.

7. The guns are brutal. After a particularly grueling shot, a demon’s legs are left standing, while the torso is turned into jam. They wobble a bit before falling over.

8. The chainsaw is back, and it is grotesque. In one section, the player saws multiple demons apart – they cower by holding up their arms. The player carves through their limbs before cutting them, forehead to groin.

9. The game is for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Id made a public commitment to reaching 60 FPS at 1080p.

10. There’s a small level of parkour involved. To help keep you moving, the game will help you mantle any small barriers, while you can use a double jump to leap over larger gaps.

11. It’s funny. In one sequence, to enter a locked door, the player tears off a corpse’s arm and uses it to activate a fingerprint panel.

12. It looks, feels, sounds and plays like Doom. Not Doom 3, not Quake 4. Doom. The original Doom. I’m in.


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