Grim Fandango

#GrimFandangoRemastered Then vs Now

Grim Fandango

Ha vuelto #GrimFandangoRemastered

Por acá lo corrí unos minutos


Zaz culebras del GOP

Microsoft Is Building Software For The Future Where Interfaces Fade Away



Despite giving no information about release date, price, or technical specs, Microsoft surprised many tech bloggers today with the announcement of Windows Holographic and the HoloLens, an operating system and headset for augmented reality computing.

That is to say that it blends the world around you with digital objects and interfaces. Need to make some last-second modifications to a 3D model that’s going to be 3D printed this afternoon? In a few years, Microsoft wants you to put on a HoloLens and interact with directly with the model, seemingly resting on the empty space on your desk. The tool tray you use won’t just a be a few columns of brush and cursor icons, but an actual rack of brushes sitting next to the model you’re working on.

While some have questioned whether or not the HoloLens is actually taking advantage of holograms to power its display, they’re kind…

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Microsoft HoloLens – Possibilities

We envisioned a world where technology could become more personal. Where it could adapt to the natural ways we communicate, learn, and create. The result is the world’s most advanced holographic computing platform, enabled by Windows 10. Transform your world with holograms.


Let it Tank – Kobe Bryant #lakers

Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango (al fin) en

Dios (se dan cuenta como los ateos la usamos todo el tiempo ;P ) en serio que esto parecía que nunca iba a ocurrir, desde que GoG nos dio la opción de votar en la wishlist, Grim Fandango siempre estuvo en el primer lugar, pero pasaban “años y felices días” y nada…nada (hasta los amigos de Grim Fandango Network ya no están)

Hasta hace unos meses, cuando se decidió traerlo a las consolas de nueva generación (el grueso de ese público no creo sepa apreciar esta obra) y de rebote tuvimos fortuna en PC.

Tim Schafer también nos dio las buenas nuevas