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How do you fix two-thirds of the web in secret?
Why Heartbleed is the most dangerous security flaw on the web
Study confirms that Neanderthals and humans got it on

Esta liga de los otros hominidos viene muy a cuenta cuando vemos el fanboyismo

“ismell another stupid lawsuit by crapple.”

Apple and Samsung are censoring fanboys in court

Dropbox unveils Carousel for organizing your photos and videos

Inbox hero: inside Mailbox’s master plan to make email suck less
Mailbox podrá querer extenderse a Android, pero Dropbox está batallando con una mala recepción a la adición de “Condi” a su junta de directores

Internet Revolt Begins as Condi Rice Joins Dropbox Board

‘Drop Dropbox’ protests flare as wiretap proponent Condoleezza Rice joins board}

Y mientras Mobile secuestra la red, los fanboys no piensan en otra cosa, aquí hay una ligera propuesta para que dejen de costar tanto, y tal vez así los fanboys dejen de existir

Here are some of the crazy phones you can build with Google’s Project Ara


Ligas 09-04-2014

What does Twitter want with Cover’s Android lock screen? A smarter smartphone, duh
Microsoft is bringing Windows to robots and coffee mugsheartbleed
Microsoft considers free versions of Windows Phone and Windows RT to battle Android
Microsoft is bringing the Start Menu back
Microsoft’s new universal Windows apps run everywhere, from phones to the Xbox One
Microsoft making Windows free on devices with screens under 9 inches
Why Heartbleed is the most dangerous security flaw on the web
The story of Cortana, Microsoft’s Siri killer
How to protect yourself from the ‘Heartbleed’ bug
The Heartbleed Bug
The critical, widespread Heartbleed bug and you: How to keep your private info safe
Heartbleed Bug: Should You Panic?

"In which I fix my girlfriend's grandparents' Wi-Fi and am hailed as a conquering hero"

Ballad of a WiFi Hero

H. Jon Benjamin (“Bob’s Burgers,” “Archer”) stars in this exclusive animated adaptation of the famed McSweeney’s Internet Tendency piece, “In Which I Fix My Girlfriend’s Grandparents’ WiFi and Am Hailed as a Conquering Hero,” by Mike Lacher. Rejoice!

You can find the original written piece in The Best of McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, now available at http://store.mcsweeneys.net and on Amazon. McSweeney’s operates a daily humor website and publishes McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, The Believer, and an ever-increasing number of books under various imprints.

Animation by Jesse Benjamin: http://jessebenjamin.com/

Original music by Paul Sprangers: http://www.freeenergymusic.com/


Greeting from Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee on the Web’s 25th anniversary

Amazon Prime Air

El Internet parece volvernos a todos críos de 12 años, sarcasticos, ufanos y mamilas, el anuncio en 60 minutos de los deseos de Jeff Bezos nos demuestran que para andar de payasos, para eso si somos muy veloces.


Cuando superemos nuestra natural tendencia al mame, hay conversaciones interesantes, como la casi segura muerte del USPS si esto pasará, y ¿por qué anunciar algo tan lejano en este momento?

Yo si soy de gatillo fácil al entrar a la página de Amazon, y no entré hoy por el anuncio, sólo a checar una orden 😛

Era lógico que UPS se manifestará y dijera que ellos también están explorando este espacio
UPS researching its own delivery drones to compete with Amazon’s Prime Air

Loon for All – Project Loon – Google

Con Google ya no sabemos que pensar.
Por otro lado, tienen este proyecto para llevar Internet a todas partes (y con ello obtener información de todas partes, y aquí se da el debate de que valor le damos a la privacidad, a lo mejor si es buen negocio darle información a google a cambio de los beneficios que nos provee, y ese no es un debate lejano, con gmail ya lo hacemos, y ahora yahoo mail está en las mismas) mediante globos, que ayudaría a las comunidades alejadas a comunicarse con nuestra “aldea global” (yo también odio la frase, pero hay días que se acomoda)

Introducing the latest moonshot from Google[x]: balloon-powered Internet access. Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill in coverage gaps and bring people back online after disasters. To learn more, visit: http://google.com/loon.

Hay dos discusiones en ciernes, la de la privacidad ya la podemos olvidar; la primera, una muy importante es como protegernos (duck duck go tuvo un gran día después de lo de Prism) y la segunda, y tal vez más actual es ¿qué valor le damos al a privacidad? ¿podemos usarlos como moneda de cambio? ¿valdrá la pena?

Experimentos para llevar la red a regiones lejanas ya hemos visto varios en los últimos años, el de google es …diferente.

Google X ya prueba en NZ

Rapture for the Geeks: When AI Outsmarts IQ

I feel terribly saying this, but: This book sucks!, is a waste of your time unless you have been under a rock for the last 40 years.
Richard Dooling has done a good gob of research and reporting of a topic that INTERNET dwellers are very much familiar with, this is a guide for the dummies regarding this topic and you would do better taking your fisrt baby steps researching this on your own.
I really like that he promotes learning to code (something I have been neglecting for over a decade) and using Open-source software (OSS)  but he keep trowing references to Microsoft and Vista (that was perfectly fine unless you had a resource strapped machine) that get in the way of your struggle with his boring text.
He tries to be funny, like, all the time, it gets old rather fast and you can see the acting in the WoW chapter, trying to sound like a knowledgeable fellow (he admits to haver never player and gives credit to the people that explained this to him) .
The only sincere part is the one where he discusses faith and trashes Richard Dawkins, I am an atheist and I like Dawkins, but this chapter was the only one I liked, it felt from the hearth .
Watching the grass grow is a better usage of your time.
I see that he is a novelist, perhaps with fiction he fares better, who knows?

UntitledRapture for the Geeks: When AI Outsmarts IQ by Richard Dooling

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Sadly it has not aged well
And all that anti microsoft stuff, it it jarring, you are trying to read it but he keeps being a sheep, he mentions linux, but he sounds like a mactard.

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