Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited

Jeff Bezos la saca del estadio con Kindle Unlimited

Ahora si, Amazon y Jeff B. afianzan su posición dominante y hacen una oferta difícil de resistir. (Pero por odiosos, las editoriales podrían matarle en su cuna)

Sus pleititos con Hachette y Warner parecen ya cosa más que superada, pero el recelo hacía el gigante que Jeff construyo van a ser muy dificiles de superar.

Y ya no digamos de lo “duro” que batallaron contra la ley anti amazon francesa. Igual, está en ellos llegar a otra naciones, pero, las editoriales en otros países igual pueden hacerse del rogar si AMazon no alcanza cuotas como las de EEUU.

Kindle Unlimited

Unlimited Reading

Esto que hace amazon, poner los libros al mismo precio que el Netflix es reconocer que son una parte más de un ecosistema de entretenimiento.

puedo imaginar que los libros de texto no entran aquí.


Y de hecho sus principales obstáculos son, el primero, que su catálogo “ilimitado” (igual que el de Netflix) no lo es tanto.

Kindle Unlimited

Unlimited listening

Y en este momento ni para probarlo acá en México, o enc ualquier sitio que no sea Estados Unidos.

Kindle Unlimited

Any device

We’re sorry. Kindle Unlimited is currently only available for US customers. Please visit us again when it is available in your country.

Amazon vs Walmart vs Target Infographic


Amazon Prime Music

Dear Customers,

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music

A little more than 3 years ago we launched Prime Instant Video, adding unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows to the existing Prime benefit of Free Two-Day Shipping. It has turned out to be one of the most important things we’ve done for Amazon Prime members. Today, we are doing it again for music — introducing Prime Music, the newest benefit of Prime membership.

With Prime Music, you can listen ad-free to over a million songs and hundreds of expert-programmed Prime Playlists. Prime Music includes tens of thousands of albums from top artists like Daft Punk, P!nk, Bruno Mars, Blake Shelton, The Lumineers, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna. And we’ll be adding more music all the time. Here’s a list of popular artists in Prime Music.

In designing Prime Music, we wanted to remove the barriers between you and the music you love. We removed cost. You can listen to the entire Prime Music catalog for free — it’s included in your Prime membership. We removed interruptions. Don’t worry about having your music constantly disrupted by ads… you won’t hear any. We removed listening restrictions. Choose exactly what song to listen to, repeat your favorite song over and over again, or download music to your phone or tablet to listen offline.

Finally, we removed one more barrier — deciding what to listen to. Just play any of the hundreds of Prime Playlists our music experts have created for you. Check out the Prime Playlists here.

Prime members in the US can start listening to Prime Music today at Kindle Fire HD/HDX devices will get Prime Music in an automatic, over-the-air update. You can also download the latest Amazon Music app in the Android and iOS appstores. If you’re not yet a Prime member, start a 30-day free trial today. We think you’ll find the convenience of free two-day shipping combined with access to a huge selection of movies, TV, music and books to be an incredible value for just $99 a year.

FREE Two-Day Shipping with no minimum order size on over 20 million items
Unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists
Instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Video
Over 500,000 books to borrow for free, as frequently as once a month, with no due dates through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

comiXology : Un engrane más de esa máquina voraz que es Amazon

Algo debemos poder hacer para que antes de que hacienda se manche con las deducciones, podamos depositarle a Amazon, no sé, como si fuera una pensión, total, sabemos que le voy a dar mi dinero.
¿Por qué no mejor hacer que rinda?

De cualquier modo, hoy más que nunca se necesita que DC se ponga las pilas para competir con  Marvel Unlimited

Comixology_LogoDearest readers,

I’m very excited to share some big news with you: we have just announced that comiXology is becoming a part of the Amazon family!

More than seven years ago, John D. Roberts, Peter Jaffe, and I set out to connect people to comic books and graphic novels they’d love, and we’re so excited about how far we’ve come. Thanks to the books we are privileged to present and the platform we created, there’s access to more diverse content than ever, allowing all readers to enter the amazing world of comics.

We have long had the goal of making every person on the planet a comics fan. With Amazon’s help, this crazy goal is more possible than ever before. With the Kindle, Amazon has shown a passion for reinventing the reading experience, just like comiXology has shown for comics and graphic novels.

ComiXology will retain its identity as an Amazon subsidiary and we’re not anywhere near done “taking comics further.” We are confident that – with Amazon by our side, who shares our desire for innovation and a relentless focus on customers – we’ve only just begun.

We wouldn’t be here without you, our customers. Thank you. The best is yet to come!

David Steinberger
Co-founder and CEO


Nadella y sus primeros pasos

Cloud First , Mobile First

En unos cuantos días, Microsoft es otra, quito las licencias de windows en algunos dispositivos para quitarle una de sus ventajas a Google, y llegó a iOS, y no le va a dar un sólo dolar a Apple, tomando una página del modelo Amazon, con su kindle en todos los dispositivos.



BYOD, SaaS, y tantas otras cosas que la gente de IT de cierta empresa con tres locaciones no entiende, y el administrador…menos.

Amazon Fire TV

Entre los Roku, Apple Tv, chromecast y HTPCs del mundo, este, en serio que es un mercado saturado, sin mencionar que las llamadas Smart TV, ofrecen algunos de los mismos beneficios.
Esta es como la fusión entre un chromecast y una ouya, para jugar hay que pagar unos 40 dolares más, y el primer juego es gratis.

En mi caso, como ha sido desde hace muchos años, la única razón para volfeature-gaming._V340389429_tear a ver estas cosas es por ahorro de energía, mi HTPC , que tiene una geforce 650, y un viejo procesador de la era del core2 , no es muy ahorrador, pero hace todo lo que estas cosas, y el gaming es infinitamente superior.

Pero, no todos son tan apasionados como yo, ni se toman la molestia de informarse, así, que me parece que Amazon hace muy bien en señalar que es ideal para padres, poco soporte, aunque sospecho que esa es una ventaja también de la apple TV. (me recuerda este caso de la “ballad of a wifi hero“)

Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box you connect to your HDTV. It’s the easiest way to enjoy Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, low-cost movie rentals, and much more

Massive selection—Over 200,000 TV episodes and movies, millions of songs, and over a hundred games
Perfect with Prime—Unlimited access to thousands of popular movies and TV shows including exclusive titles like Downton Abbey and Under the Dome. Get a free 30-day trial
Voice search that actually works—Simply say the name of what you want to watch and start enjoying in seconds. Show me
Tiny box, huge specs—Fast quad-core processor, 2 GB of memory, dedicated GPU, plus 1080p HD video and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound
Easy to set up and use—Pre-registered to your Amazon account so you can enjoy favorite titles and personalized recommendations
Instant streaming—Exclusive new feature ASAP predicts what movies and TV episodes you’ll want to watch and buffers them for playback before you hit play
Perfect for parents—Amazon FreeTime lets you easily limit screen time and create personalized profiles just for kids (coming soon)
Great for gaming, too—Play blockbuster titles like Minecraft-Pocket Edition, The Walking Dead, and Monsters University, plus free games and Amazon exclusives. Paid games start from just 99 cents

Compare to Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku

feature-secondscreen._V340471358_Sospecho, lamentablemente, que su status será, como el del kindle fire, aunque un poco mejor, aquí no hay “tiendas a medias”, como ocurre en la tablet con su fork de android, el kindle fire es una tableta que la gente regala, pero no una que deseen para ellos mismos, este fire TV, puede correr un poco de mejor suerte.

¿Yo? HTPC, siempre