How to fix a bent iPhone 6 #Bendgate

PeripateticPandas is back with a fix!
Making bendable design more robust…
with a drill press.



REICH FRIENDS (Una serie del Tercer Reich)


Everyday Football Fouls

Y hasta con su dedicatoria para Luis Suárez, que bueno que estás en el Barcelona patán


Frozen + Star Wars / “Do you want to kill some rebels?”

Lord Vader?
Do you wanna kill some rebels?
Come on lets go and play
We never get to anymore
Let’s win this war
Before they get away-
We used to blast whole planets, and now we don’t
I wish you would tell me why!
Do you wanna kill some rebels?
I really really hate those rebels.

Go away
I hope they die…

Do you wanna kill some rebels?
Let’s take our fleet and blast them all
I think that death & mayhem’s overdue
I’ve started talking to the droids around the halls
It gets a little lonely in these corridors,
Just watching the stars go by

Please, I know you’re in there
The troops are asking where you’ve been
I say “have courage”, and their trying to
We’re all lined up for you, just let us win
We know the force is with us
And it’s us or them
What if we bomb Naboo?
Do you wanna kill some rebels?


Y pues hay derecho de replica – Curly – Football is FUN

Y no lo superamos #Noerapenal – Pinches Holandeses


THE LEGO MOVIE – Official “History Cops” Spoof Trailer


This Is Where I Leave You – Official Trailer

Ese Adam Driver está hasta en la sopa, de Girls a Star Wars