The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Mobile Game Launch Trailer

Most Spider-man movie tie-in games suck, most mobile games suck, it is very likely that this game sucks.

save those 5 bucks or 65 MXP for the discounted version of the console game.

Seriously, this is a spidey fan talking, this game looks awful.


Humble Mobile Bundle 5

The cave es muy bueno, yo creo que con ese sólo ya vale la pena, y más si te dan una clave para Steam

Humble Mobile Bundle 5 has six games to keep you and your Android entertained. Pay what you want for retro shooter, R-Type II, the perplexing produce puzzler, Bag It!, and the monumental RPG, Aralon: Sword and Shadow. Beat the average price and get your brain into full gear with adventurous spelunking in The Cave, a digital version of tile-based castle builder, Carcassonne, and The Room Two, sequel to the award winning puzzler.