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Windows 10 “continuum” design exploration

Windows Insider Program

The Walking Dead Season Two: In Harm's Way

The Walking Dead “Amid The Ruins” #TWD

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead “Amid The Ruins”

El cuarto episodio de la segunda temporada del “juego” de Telltale


Building Gargantia: Sky Courier with the Turbulenz Engine

Internet Explorer partnered with Production I.G to bring the beautiful anime world of “Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet” to the web! Play for free in both English and Japanese here:

Mozilla Introduces the Most Customizable Firefox Ever with an Elegant New Design

In the nearly 10 years since we first launched Firefox, it has grown to be the trusted and most customizable browser of choice for half a billion people worldwide.

The first thing you’ll notice in Firefox is the beautiful new design that makes it easy to focus on your Web content. The tabs are sleek and smooth to help you navigate the Web faster. It’s easy to see what tab you’re currently visiting and the other tabs fade into the background to be less of a distraction when you’re not using them.

The new Firefox Sync service is a safe and easy way to take your Firefox everywhere. Firefox Sync gives you access to Awesome Bar browsing history, saved passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and form data across your computers and mobile Android devices. It is powered by Firefox Accounts and simplifies the setup and device syncing process.


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Rescatux, Super Grub2 Disk


Super Grub2 Disk


Plop Boot Manager

Exploring Windows 8.1 Update – Start Screen, Desktop and Other Enhancements

Los cambios de Windows 8.1 Update 1 me parecen destinados a un montón de gente tonta y ruidosa.

Al menos 4 maneras ya había de apagar una computadora, pero nooooo, ahí van los asnos que no saben que lo son a quejarse.

Y ya tenemos la quinta, en su carota, para los lelos.

estupidos cambios

comiXology : Un engrane más de esa máquina voraz que es Amazon

Algo debemos poder hacer para que antes de que hacienda se manche con las deducciones, podamos depositarle a Amazon, no sé, como si fuera una pensión, total, sabemos que le voy a dar mi dinero.
¿Por qué no mejor hacer que rinda?

De cualquier modo, hoy más que nunca se necesita que DC se ponga las pilas para competir con  Marvel Unlimited

Comixology_LogoDearest readers,

I’m very excited to share some big news with you: we have just announced that comiXology is becoming a part of the Amazon family!

More than seven years ago, John D. Roberts, Peter Jaffe, and I set out to connect people to comic books and graphic novels they’d love, and we’re so excited about how far we’ve come. Thanks to the books we are privileged to present and the platform we created, there’s access to more diverse content than ever, allowing all readers to enter the amazing world of comics.

We have long had the goal of making every person on the planet a comics fan. With Amazon’s help, this crazy goal is more possible than ever before. With the Kindle, Amazon has shown a passion for reinventing the reading experience, just like comiXology has shown for comics and graphic novels.

ComiXology will retain its identity as an Amazon subsidiary and we’re not anywhere near done “taking comics further.” We are confident that – with Amazon by our side, who shares our desire for innovation and a relentless focus on customers – we’ve only just begun.

We wouldn’t be here without you, our customers. Thank you. The best is yet to come!

David Steinberger
Co-founder and CEO



Watch Dogs #NVIDIA Tech Trailer #consolepeasants

Ya casi termina la telenovela del Desarrollo de Watch Dogs



Ya sabremos en que termina todo el pancho en la versión de PC

Watchdogs en Pc …. Es un escándalo

Veremos si ha valido la pena, Watch Dogs me llamaba más la atención de que sería el primer juego que pediría revisará esta computadora que ensamblé en 2011.